When you were still here

If I knew then what I know now
I would have slowed down, I would have somehow
held each breath in my lungs a bit longer
and stretched out like taffy
the time I spent with you laughing
when you were still here
when you were still here

Now, like grasping for clouds in the sky
Lord, I want to know why – I need to know
why did I flee from reality and chase after dreams
while my life, now a movie, rushed by like a breeze
How I wish I pressed pause
I wish I did just because
You were still here
When you were still here

As children, just children,
We danced and we swayed to the music that played
Oh, if only we’d stayed
in the past tucked away from the grasp of today
when I could see you so clear
and you were still here

Now it is time that I cherish and time itself I despise
For at its hands all things perish, but in its hands rest our lives
So precious, so blessed – all the beautiful years
when you were still here
when you were still here


(c) 2018 Angela Christine Watford

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