Hope is a sunrise


Dawn is coming. The sky is barely purple, lit just enough to see the path ahead. We race to the top of a grassy knoll and gaze out into the horizon at a hill lined with one-story homes and families still sleeping. We’re there.

I reach out my hands to grab ahold of the first bar and begin to climb. Feeling the wood corner posts beneath my fingers and hurling my weight forward, I climb to the top of an old jungle gym. The higher I climb, the more I can see. Looking back, we lock eyes and begin to laugh. It reminded me of a time when life was simple and we were free to play in the dark. Our giggling echoes through the town.

The first peek of light begins to surround us. At the highest point, I gather myself and begin to stand across the metal pipe. Letting go of all fear and with a smile, I close my eyes and straighten my legs. My arms extend out on each side – a full stretch like a starfish. I lean into the wind that gently pushes me back as it glides past me with a soft caress. There is no way I could fall. Not with you safely spotting me below. When I open my eyes – a peachy light unrolls across the grey blue sky and I am filled with a calm excitement. This is it – joy, peace and comfort. Thank you, Lord.

I curl down and return my hands to metal. As we exchange smiles, we trade places. Your turn!

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