Two windows


She calmly pushes a vacuum back-and-forth with a look of perfection. Her hair, a brunette bob, refuses to submit to her movements. A proper sleeveless dress of fuchsia wool conservatively begins at her neckline and tapers at the waist. Although it’s obstructed by the wood exterior of her home, I’m sure that her hemline continues down her Barbie Doll legs and rests just past the knee – a proper dress indeed.

I just couldn’t help but notice her through the window – so inviting and welcoming. She seems beautiful and lonely surrounded by bare, canary walls and dancing a waltz with an appliance. I wonder who she is.

Drawing my gaze outward to take in the rest of the view, I step back into my own world. The neighbors look nice. Their house, slightly dated and weathered, sits on a hill just along-side this one and is separated by a sloping driveway peppered with large stones.

Beneath what is soon to be my own window, a handful of pine trees stand tall and alert like the Foot Guards of Buckingham Palace. I’m confident that these beastly pines are well prepared to shield our room from any blaring afternoon sunlight.

I have to tell you, this window is quite impressive. Its reach extends from floor to ceiling and wall to wall like a beaming gem. Impossible to forget, it’s not just another fixture between these unloved and abandoned walls. I don’t doubt for a second that the endless silent films, picturesque moons and soothing rainstorms are all that we need to turn this drab apartment into a home.

Oh, how lovely this will be when we finally move in.

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