Take me home

For many years, I’ve traveled down this long and winding road.
If I never find the answer, take me home.

My body aches from walking, blistered heels have made me slow.
If I never reach the good land, take me home.

There’s no reason for distractions – how the world just breaks my hands.
I don’t need another fracture, take me home.

I’ve heard so many things here that I wish I could forget.
If I never hear the bells ring, take me home.

Take me home
Take me home
If I never hear the bells ring
Take me home

There are daisies here beside me growing tall to heaven’s floor.
If I let this place surround me, take me home.

Many turns have left me weary. Any day now I could fail.
If I can’t see my way clearly, take me home.

My comfort is forgiveness through the Lord’s amazing grace.
If I ever cease to witness, take me home.

Over bridges, under trees – how your love has kept me safe.
If I lose the love within me, take me home.

Take me home
Take me home
If I should lose the love within me
Take me home

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