The cloud of glory and a wedding


Inside a large white canopy tent, I follow the grass beneath my feet toward an open doorway. The opening, like a drawn curtain, reveals a thick cloud that fully engulfs us outside. I pause in this moment, captivated by an exuberating sense of peace and unwavering joy. The cloud illuminates our space inside and out. It surrounds us like a warm and palpable morning fog. I am filled with a calm love, and not a measure of stress about this wedding day.

There’s a little work to do, so I carefully affix flowers to an arbor, and finalize the d├ęcor by hanging a gold number 2 on a garland.

As I turn to my left, family and friends gather around me, clapping and cheering. There are faces I haven’t seen since I was a child. It’s such a great joy to have them join me on this wonderful day. We smile at each other as the main event draws near.

Over to my right is a full-length mirror. I must step forward to look at myself. Oh wow, I’m a bride! My wedding dress is beautifully decorated with pearls and lace; a classic A-line style with long sleeves. I’m filled with glee and smiling from ear to ear! My dark hair is longer than usual, reaching down my back. I notice it’s matted through with tangles.

Conveniently stationed beside the mirror is a bridal vanity desk decorated with a lace cloth. Resting on top, a small sheet of notebook paper catches my eye. My notes! I glance over a hand-written list of items that must be in place before the wedding can begin. With peace and certainty, I acknowledge that all planning and preparations are finished. Everything is ready, except for my hair.

Taking a seat in front of the mirror, I lift a brush to my hair and begin to carefully work out the tangles.

Waking life:

It should be noted that preceding this dream was a period of uncertainty and anxiety in my waking life. I decided to take my cares to the cross. The night before, I lifted-up my worries to Jesus and just said, “Lord please keep my at your side no matter what happens.” From the moment I woke from this dream, the anxiety was gone, and it hasn’t returned.

Exodus 40:34 (KJV) Then a cloud covered the tent of the congregation, and the glory of the LORD filled the tabernacle.

On February 9, 2021, only a few weeks after the dream, we experienced a very dense fog in Houston, TX. I rejoiced and praised God for his amazing glory!

This dream is also marked by two chords that I heard playing over and over for weeks. I determined later that these chords comprise the song “Nothing but the blood” by Fernando Ortega.

An interpretation of the bride’s tangled hair can represent confusion. I believe the Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon to receive his bride, and there’s no need to stress or worry over the details. It’s important to work through the confusion and unite our hearts and minds on preparing for his return.