Virtual dreaming


At the entrance of a Virtual Reality Dome, a sort of man-made universe in a biosphere, the blissful scene of an ocean sunset calls to me – as if to say “come and have a look.” I creep inside, barefoot and bewildered, trying to decipher what’s real and what’s fake. I know this ‘dome’ is no larger than a house, but from inside here I can see that this is a whole new experience. The horizon is endless in all directions making me wonder if it’s possible to become lost. There’s a brightness, a sort of joyful glow that fills the space.

Hanging low like a single light bulb, the sun, along with its posse of soft pink clouds, basks in its own reflection over the water. I move forward slowly, squishing the spongy earth between my toes with each step as the ground sweeps out in front of me, and breaks off at the edge of a cliff. Without hesitation, my knees bend like a frog, enabling me to pet the fluffy seaweed-like grass with my hands. I’m comforted and relieved that something is real. This is the perfect spot to have a seat and rest for a moment while I take in the shoreline view.

From the salty smell to the sounds of waves breaking and crashing into one another, I’m carried away by the tranquil paradise and begin to meditate on the whispering breeze. The beach is spectacular, although I can’t help but remind myself that my senses are deceiving me.

After a brief moment of complete relaxation, I catch a glimpse of something quite puzzling – something peculiar about the ocean. I’ve seen this wave before! My eyes squint as I examine the wave pattern closely, and determine that each wave is programmed in a loop that replays over and over. Of course! I must have been so lost in the moment that I forgot these waves are constructed by someone behind a computer screen. Well, virtual waves may not be as infinite and unique as waking-life ones, but this will do for now. I’m at peace.

The perfect gift for a healing heart


I have always been enamored with your eclectic bedroom; your knick-knacks and trinkets, the warm and cozy feeling of being surrounded by your ideas. I’m careful not to touch anything – just as I was when I would sneak into your room as a child to get a glimpse of the unknown.

My eyes feel their way around the corners of your bookcases and scan your shelves for new experiences. A few wine bottles full of liquid, frozen in time, stare back at me from a wine rack mounted to the wall. Below the wine is your old light box with seedlings and sprouted plants for your garden. In the center of the room is a well-lit table covered with bright, crystal figurines. This must be where you keep your treasures now.

As I take my eyes off of the beautiful surroundings and place them on you, I notice how youthful and peaceful you are in this room. I see that you also don’t require glasses anymore, but your hair hasn’t changed and your smile still stretches from ear to ear. This is so perfectly you.

“Well, everything is here. You can have anything you want.” Your words ring through my ears as you lift your hand out towards me holding a small gift in your palm. The only way I can explain this gift, is that it appears to be a black Rubik’s cube with hundreds of fluorescent needles and colors breaking through the surface like a sprouted bean. It symbolizes something intelligent, something intricate and imaginative. I’ve never seen one before.

While it may be the most amazing and heavenly thing I’ve ever been offered, I cannot accept it. Actually, it’s not what I want at all. I lunge forward and wrap my arms so tightly around you and give you the greatest hug that I ever could. One that I never had a chance to give you before you passed away.  Feeling you squeeze me back heals my soul and steadies my weary heart.

I thank the Lord above for this moment, and for the wonderful gift of dreaming.