Virtual dreaming


At the entrance of a Virtual Reality Dome, a sort of man-made universe in a biosphere, the blissful scene of an ocean sunset calls to me – as if to say “come and have a look.” I creep inside, barefoot and bewildered, trying to decipher what’s real and what’s fake. I know this ‘dome’ is no larger than a house, but from inside here I can see that this is a whole new experience. The horizon is endless in all directions making me wonder if it’s possible to become lost. There’s a brightness, a sort of joyful glow that fills the space.

Hanging low like a single light bulb, the sun, along with its posse of soft pink clouds, basks in its own reflection over the water. I move forward slowly, squishing the spongy earth between my toes with each step as the ground sweeps out in front of me, and breaks off at the edge of a cliff. Without hesitation, my knees bend like a frog, enabling me to pet the fluffy seaweed-like grass with my hands. I’m comforted and relieved that something is real. This is the perfect spot to have a seat and rest for a moment while I take in the shoreline view.

From the salty smell to the sounds of waves breaking and crashing into one another, I’m carried away by the tranquil paradise and begin to meditate on the whispering breeze. The beach is spectacular, although I can’t help but remind myself that my senses are deceiving me.

After a brief moment of complete relaxation, I catch a glimpse of something quite puzzling – something peculiar about the ocean. I’ve seen this wave before! My eyes squint as I examine the wave pattern closely, and determine that each wave is programmed in a loop that replays over and over. Of course! I must have been so lost in the moment that I forgot these waves are constructed by someone behind a computer screen. Well, virtual waves may not be as infinite and unique as waking-life ones, but this will do for now. I’m at peace.

When the show is over, the time is right

When the light begins to fade away
And darkness comes to fill the day
When water collides with the sandy shore
And the wind blows through you more and more
When the air is cool and the moon is low
When the voices stop and we’re all alone
Our truth is safe at the top of the hill
And the seasons change but time is still
In the shade by the tree in the heart of the land
Backstage without the rest of the band
When the show is over, the time is right
We will kiss on the roof by the stars tonight

Take me home

For many years, I’ve traveled down this long and winding road.
If I never find the answer, take me home.

My body aches from walking, blistered heels have made me slow.
If I never reach the good land, take me home.

There’s no reason for distractions – how the world just breaks my hands.
I don’t need another fracture, take me home.

I’ve heard so many things here that I wish I could forget.
If I never hear the bells ring, take me home.

Take me home
Take me home
If I never hear the bells ring
Take me home

There are daisies here beside me growing tall to heaven’s floor.
If I let this place surround me, take me home.

Many turns have left me weary. Any day now I could fail.
If I can’t see my way clearly, take me home.

My comfort is forgiveness through the Lord’s amazing grace.
If I ever cease to witness, take me home.

Over bridges, under trees – how your love has kept me safe.
If I lose the love within me, take me home.

Take me home
Take me home
If I should lose the love within me
Take me home

Don’t weep

Don’t weep, little eye, it’s not the same from here.
The clouds are rollin’ by to polish your frontier.
You’re safe inside the sun in the light that ever glows.
The old is all gone and the new already knows.

Your emptiness is full. Take a scoop and pass the rest.
You don’t have to ride the bull to feel a beat inside your chest.
Don’t weep, little eye, it’s not the same from here.
When you see the world go by, His promise is so clear.

Say, say you don’t mind. There’s time for day – there’s time for night.
Say, say it’s alright. There’s time to pray – there’s time to cry.