This will be my truth

To see that wonderful smile on your face
is why I woke today.
Everything everywhere sticks to the web
and we don’t have a say.

I don’t care much for this world
if I can’t share it with you.
Hold me in your paradise and
this will be my truth.

Minute to hour, day to year –
change will always come,
but time could never keep me here
if you were not the one.

And if the skies ahead should fall
I’d give my all to stand with you.
Hold me in your paradise and
this will be my truth.

Your endless hope and promises
to love at any cost
have painted me a gallery of
dreams that won’t be lost.

Shadows to night, morning to light –
my mind will be on you.
Hold me in your paradise and
this will be my truth.


The perfect gift for a healing heart


I have always been enamored with your eclectic bedroom; your knick-knacks and trinkets, the warm and cozy feeling of being surrounded by your ideas. I’m careful not to touch anything – just as I was when I would sneak into your room as a child to get a glimpse of the unknown.

My eyes feel their way around the corners of your bookcases and scan your shelves for new experiences. A few wine bottles full of liquid, frozen in time, stare back at me from a wine rack mounted to the wall. Below the wine is your old light box with seedlings and sprouted plants for your garden. In the center of the room is a well-lit table covered with bright, crystal figurines. This must be where you keep your treasures now.

As I take my eyes off of the beautiful surroundings and place them on you, I notice how youthful and peaceful you are in this room. I see that you also don’t require glasses anymore, but your hair hasn’t changed and your smile still stretches from ear to ear. This is so perfectly you.

“Well, everything is here. You can have anything you want.” Your words ring through my ears as you lift your hand out towards me holding a small gift in your palm. The only way I can explain this gift, is that it appears to be a black Rubik’s cube with hundreds of fluorescent needles and colors breaking through the surface like a sprouted bean. It symbolizes something intelligent, something intricate and imaginative. I’ve never seen one before.

While it may be the most amazing and heavenly thing I’ve ever been offered, I cannot accept it. Actually, it’s not what I want at all. I lunge forward and wrap my arms so tightly around you and give you the greatest hug that I ever could. One that I never had a chance to give you before you passed away.  Feeling you squeeze me back heals my soul and steadies my weary heart.

I thank the Lord above for this moment, and for the wonderful gift of dreaming.

Roller coaster of the future


Underneath a rosy pink and cloudless afternoon sky, a massive cluster of spectators gathers around a brand new roller coaster ride. I begin to push through the crowd, but can’t seem to figure out what I’m doing here. Theme parks aren’t really my cup of tea anymore, so I continue passing through a non-conforming line of bodies that stretches beyond the outside gates. This place is fantastically distracting, but I really do not know where I am. Unable to see what’s ahead, I press onto my tip-toes and decide to move closer to the attraction.

I climb up the side of a concrete stairway that lifts me onto a lookout point. Peering over the edge, I can barely get a glimpse of what all the oohs and aah’s are about. Wild screams swoosh by as a roller coaster car darts to the left, full of thrill seekers dangling their feet and waving their hands in the air. The car spirals around a structural pipe and drops its passengers at speeds I can’t even imagine.

This is definitely no ordinary ride, I think to myself as a giant hologram of John Lennon  builds on itself and towers over the tracks. Picture John in his late 60’s era clothing, with glasses and chin-length hair. The crowd cheers in excitement as John begins speaking, but it is way too loud for anyone to make out what he’s saying. The sight alone is so magnificent that it quite possibly makes no difference to anyone.

As if the crowd needs any more stimuli, bright lights flash in clusters and dangle over the roller coaster car as it moves – almost like a baby’s mobile toy. The lights float above the cars, unattached to any strings that I can see. Could this be another hologram? Maybe a flash of bling just puts everyone over the edge. They seemed to squeal with delight at every turn.

Wow, I’m actually impressed by the lightning speed of this ride, when it hits me like a ton of bricks. Oh yeah, I was looking for someone! Everything here is entirely too distracting.

One of a kind (Lyrics)


Tell me that I will see you again
Tell me that one day I’ll live closer
To you, my friend

I wanna live in your smile
It brings out the best in me consistently
You’re so my type

When my hair begins to fade
And lines are drawn across my face
I’ll look to you as one of a kind
The greatest of friends that one could hope to find

You tie me up in a bow
I don’t care to free myself
I’m never letting go

When my hair begins to fade
And lines are drawn across my face
I’ll look to you as one of a kind
The greatest of friends that one could hope to find

So sweet it would be
To have you hear with me


My heart watches over you
Every which way, all around and through
Toss your fears over the planes so high
This kind of love is hard to come by

Picture me standing beside you
A hand when you need one like the sturdiest tree
Wherever you go, I’ll be there too
Up or down – I just want your company

Like travelers, we roam the open seas
Glued to our dreams with no one to please
Anytime you want to close your eyes and fall
I got your back – and baby, I got it all

Stand by me through hardships and trials
Walk with me through pleasure and pain
Say you wont leave if the weeds grow wild
And I’ll fall in love with you over and over again



Everything happened so fast – I barely had time to react. Bullets sprayed us through the walls of a single-story home, shattering glass and blowing through drywall. What on earth did my friends do to merit this type of brutal retaliation from the police?? Old friends, I admit, I have no idea what they’ve really been up to all these years. Certainly it couldn’t be this bad. The place was surrounded by renegade cops, bent on terrorizing us with their complete disregard for human life. All I could tell you is that I was innocent!

At that point, it didn’t matter. I needed to find my dogs! Like a crazed mother bear searching for a lost cub, I scrambled to find them, dodging gunfire and wading through dust and debris. From across the room, I spotted my two fluffy Pomeranians helplessly staring at me with confused eyes. There was no way I could let my best friends go down like this. I charged through, scooped each pup under an arm and dove in front of a couch for protection. We smushed together as close to the floor as possible and listened to the bullets tear past our huddled bodies. It was insane!!

Over and over, I ran through scenarios and planned our escape in my mind. Then, as suddenly as it started, the room was silent.